A morning tour in one of Cape Town’s townships has its benefits, because only in the mornings can we visit a South African school where you can have contact with the educators and scholars. We visit two poor areas, and at the start of the outing, the District 6 Museum. The city museum explains how these townships developed. The old government of South Africa enforced its racial segregation policy with large inhumane settlements where Indian, coloured and black people had to live.

With this measure they hoped to be able to control these people better. They were only allowed to leave their poverty-stricken settlements during working hours because they did not want to do without the cheap labour.

If these people wanted to travel for some reason, an application had to be made and granted.

Morning Tour – Half Day Tours

Cape Town Township Tours in South Africa

School visit

  • Price per person: Rand 660 – valid until 30.09.
  • Time estimated 09h00 – 12h00

Morning Tour Township Tours

Tour Description:

We collect you from your accommodation or we meet you at the District 6 museum. Here you will learn more about the background of the townships and how they developed.

The District 6 was a colourful and cheerful suburb during the apartheid era, which did not suit the old government. By order, the entire district was cleared and all buildings were torn down.

Indian, coloured and black people were moved to different new settlements outside the city. With the building rubble today’s V&A Waterfront was erected, and the port facilities were expanded.

This sad time came to an end when apartheid was abolished by the government. Nelson Mandela was released from captivity and became the president of South Africa. A remnant of this time are the townships we will visit. Meanwhile these areas have grown bigger and bigger and become small towns.    

During our visit you will notice that there are not only corrugated iron huts but also little villas. Since these properties are all under one million rand due to the location, these residents need to pay almost no taxes or other costs.

We will visit various historical streets and see some poor apartment blocks.  We will also visit a local family so that you can get an idea of the living conditions. Before this, we will go to a school and have contact with the students and the learning staff.

A while on we will meet a Sangoma. This is a traditional healer and a very respected person. Almost every South African will visit a Sangoma up to three times a year to gets advice from this healer.

Afterwards we will visit a real South African pub where we will drink traditional beer.

Our tour continues to Khayelitsha. This township is one of the largest in South Africa. It is located on the outskirts of Cape Town on the Cape Flats. Khayelitsha is an isiXhosa word meaning "new home". In the last census about 392,000 people lived in this poor area.

The visit to Khayelitsha is very short and we head back to Cape Town and return you to your accommodation. We hope you enjoy the half day tour and look forward to receiving your inquiry. Your Township Touring Team Please note: The tour can be designed differently at any time. Keep in mind that we cannot attend school during the holidays!

We look forward to your inquiry.

Your Cape Town Township Tours Team


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