On our Cape Town Township Tour, we also visit Khayelitsha – one of the largest slums in South Africa. Originally planned for 500.000 inhabitants, it is currently overpopulated with 1.5 Million residents. Translated the name means “new home” and it is located about 31 km from the entrance into Cape Town city. Even today, this part of Cape Town is one of the poorest areas in the city.

Khayelitsha Township Tours

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Kayelitsha Township Tours


The village was founded in the time of apartheid. The old government wanted to have only white inhabitants living in the city centre. In no time, areas like the District Six were torn to the ground.

Historical Ground

If you walk the streets on your visit to the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, you will be walking on historical ground as the waterfront was built on the debris of District Six.

If you do a township tour with us, you may be surprised at all the different building styles in the area.

You will see small villas of the more successful business person or lawyer there, but the majority of “houses” consist of corrugated iron and old wood planks. The barracks are sealed against rain partially with plastic bags. Many of these huts will fall over in the hard rain or storms. The soft soil will be water-logged and the sparse clothing will be damp.

Colds or rheumatism are the consequences, and many of the children there are not healthy.

In the streets you will also discover large shopping malls, schools, churches and other shops, some of which were started in containers.

We offer township tours every day. During the weekdays you can also visit a school on the morning tour. On the afternoon tour you can experience more of the culture of the people. A lot of women open their market stalls and sell various foods.


Khayelitsha township tours Cape Town


For any keen photographer, the cooking grills are very interesting. Grilled sheep heads are a speciality here. Whole chickens will also be cooked and a lot of the workers get their lunch here.

We also offer an evening tour and a gospel service on Sundays, as well as outings on Saturdays where you will discover a vibrant life! Despite the poverty, the people there are very proud and friendly.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Your Cape Town Township Tours Team


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