Experience the local people on a Township Tour within the Cape Peninsula of South Africa. During a tour, you will quickly realize that townships are not just low cost housing, but also community or single-family homes of varying class within one neighbourhood. Many of the people have economically empowered themselves to a better standard of living through education and entrepreneurship, and choose to remain in the community.

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There are a lot of different African lifestyles, cultures and infrastructure in the townships which you only can experience for yourself while on a township tour. What appears to be corrugated iron works can typically function as a kiosk, shop or a hair salon, but there are also many westernised hardware stores, sewing shops, carpentry, cobblers, clothes shops to name but a few.  Many homes are really well set up, considering the circumstances, and often people living here have a good job. These people grew up in shacks to help save on rent and are very proud of their homes which they have come by, by using their initiative and resourcefulness.

Financial position

Of course, there is great poverty and many are unemployed people living the simplest lifestyle under unworthy conditions.  Some people often ask landowners if they are allowed to move on to their property for a small rent in order to build their home there, once this occurs they are better protected against theft and often have access to the water from the homeowner.

Toilets in townships are in various public facilities, also water is available there. Those that are a bit wealthier, build their own "flat" made of concrete bricks. These flats often have little or no sanitary infrastructure, meaning that they also have to make use of public toilets and showers.

Those who have made it, often come back!

Those who’ve broken out of the cycle of poverty and moved into an apartment in the city often revert back to the township. Monthly rent, electricity, water and other costs are all extra expenses when living in the city. Township life is much cheaper, than that of the city, and once you’ve been part of the community, friends, and the warmth of the people it becomes difficult not to miss them!

How did the townships develop?

The townships are a primary reminder of the Apartheid and how the black population had to live. To date, these areas are still mostly inhabited by black and colored people. In addition, today many people from the surrounding countries are pouring into South Africa and towards the big cities. Often, they are unemployed and looking for a free space next to an existing hut, quickly learning that living in a big city comes with many difficulties. Going back to they’re old home is not possible, they sometimes lack the money for a simple bus ticket.

The Government of South Africa  endeavors to provide a dignified home to families affected by the dilemma. In the townships, larger building complexes are now being built for the residents who were affected at that time. Often, the homeowners build their own huts in the garden to rent them out to earn a better lifestyle and so it happens that a new development, after a short time, resembles a Township.

If you are interested in our half or full day tour, we look forward to hearing from you. We are happy to offer you Big 5 safaris, whale watching in Hermanus or wine tours in addition to our journey through South African history. If you visit the Mother City, you could visit the Cape of Good Hope with us!  We are more than happy to send you more information about our trips around the city upon your request.

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