On a Mother City Township Tour you will love the traditional beer as you will love South African culture. In the following article we’d like to explain which ingredients go into the making of this sacred beer. The recipe may differ from region to region, depending on the master brewer and alcohol content. Enjoy the option to taste what was once only brewed for special occasions on our journey through the townships.

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The traditional beer "Umqombothi" is brewed with sorghum malt, cornmeal, grain salt, yeast, water and usually has a lower alcohol content than many other beers. The taste is very aromatic, sweet, sour and frothy. The beer is light brown and cloudy in colour and has a creamy thick consistency and tastes very delicious. "Umqombothi" was added to the Ark of Taste by Slow Food International and has just taken the 4000th place. The Ark of Taste stores traditional foods that are threatened with extinction worldwide, Likewise, the Xhosa goat from the Eastern Cape, the Nguni beef and a variety of Amakhowe, which is a mushroom variety.


The "Intluzo" is a sieve needed to produce the traditional beer, it filters the fermented mush. The "Intluzo" is made by hand and braided from meadow grass, by means of a complex process, into a tubular sieve. This craft requires many years of experience and takes a lot of patience and time. To filter the mush exactly as desired is patient work as well. There are only a few young people in the new generation of the Xhosa who carry on with this craft, today, most use a traditional kitchen sieve. The original traditionally woven sieves had a different look and heritage that comes with it, which is now being replaced with a shortcut so to say.

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